Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's the little things...

Five Things I’ve Learned To Do Since Trent Left:
1.     How to change the air filter for the house.
2.     How to explain things to a car mechanic (though my explanations are probably quite comical.)
3.     How to feed the dog on a somewhat regular basis (I’m getting much better at this one.)
4.     How to take out the trash every Wednesday (with the help of the alarm that I have set on my phone.)
5.     How to pick up my own glass off of my nightstand (It may take five glasses before I do it, but I will eventually get it done.)

Five Things I Need To Learn To Do:
1.     How to light the pilot light in the fireplace.
2.     How to change the light bulb in the globe light fixtures (we may be living in the dark by the time he returns.)
3.     How to make it through the grocery store with both girls and not get shopping cart road rage.
4.     How to slow down and enjoy my days.
5.     How to ask for help before I’m emotionally overwhelmed.

 Miles Away
      Trent is getting into the swing of things at his new "home" away from home in Afghanistan.  Any and all prayers are very much welcome right now for him.  He seems to be extremely stressed and has a heavy heart when I talk to him.  My prayers are for peace to come to his heart and his worries would be washed away.  I pray that the people of Afghanistan will embrace the help that our soldiers are giving them and that they will treat them with kindness and respect.  I pray for the safety of Trent and all of the soldiers serving overseas.  


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  1. Your prayers are our prayers for Trent and for all who are serving so far away from home.

    Merry Christmas Leah!