Sunday, December 23, 2012

Greetings from Kansas

The girls and I have spent the last few days out in western Kansas visiting Trent’s family for Christmas.  No worries my Mizzou friends, I fully represent the black and gold while I’m out here.  :)  Yes, I get many weird looks from people, but I feel like I have to do my part, so my wardrobe, while out here, almost always is Mizzou gear.  Here is a conversation had at the Topeka tollbooth between the money taker and myself.

Me:  (Drive up to the tollbooth in a Mizzou long-sleeved t-shirt, and I'm greeting by friendly older gentlemen.)

Money taker: Good evening ma’am, that will be $2.50... Out of $5.00.  That makes $2.50 your change back.

Me:  Thank you, have a good night.

Money taker:  I sure hope you find yourself a new t-shirt here in Kansas.  That one doesn’t seem to have the right colors in it. (insert wink)

Me:  Oh, (big smile) I think this shirt will do just fine sir. (insert return wink)  :)

The girls have been extremely spoiled over the past few days.  They have opened so many presents, played barbies and dollies for hours, had tea parties, rode four-wheelers, rode horses, enjoyed rides on the tractor, checked on the chickens, cows, and oxen, and just had a grand ol’ time.

Trent was able to call and talk to all of his family while we’ve been out here.  I’m so glad he was able to talk to them.  The other week I posted some pictures of the girls, and I said that I would post the others later.  Well…it’s later.  I had to wait until a few Christmas presents went out before I posted them on here.  I had the girls’ pictures taken with Trent’s yellow ribbons that I had made.  They were beautiful pictures that we will cherish forever.  Here are those pictures for you to enjoy now.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! 

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