Saturday, December 8, 2012

Four Days and Farewells

The four day pass came and went way to fast, and absolutely none of it went according to my plans.  Regardless, it was still a great four days.  If Trent was going to come home and be with us for a couple of days, might as well make it the real thing.  :)  So it went down, something like this.

Tuesday morning, prior to picking Trent up at the airport, I took Joanna to the doctor because she was running a fever for the second day.  What did she have?? None other than Influenza B.  It’s a good thing the Army gives a shot for every possible thing, and Trent didn’t get it.  Never have any of us ever gotten the flu, so getting the flu shot is not something we have ever done.  So, that morning, both girls got the flu shot, and the entire doctor’s office and surrounding city heard it.  Then we headed to the airport to spread our germs and pick up Daddy!

The fun didn’t stop there, at 7:00 that night, I started turning into a pirate!  Or, at least that is what the girls kept calling me.  So, apparently you have a gland in your eyelid.  Somehow I got an infection in mine and it kept swelling, and swelling, and swelling.  Thankfully, I got right into the eye doctor Wednesday morning and things started looking up and less like a pirate with some antibiotic.

We spent the rest of the day Wednesday at Crown Center.  We sent to Sea Life, Kaleidoscope, and Fritz’s.  We had a blast!  On Thursday, Trent and I went Christmas shopping together for the girls, and spent the evening with the girls.  Then, all of a sudden, it was Friday, and it was time to say our goodbyes.  It was very difficult actually leaving the airport.  Trent didn’t want to say goodbye to the girls at the airport, so it was just me.  When he went to get on the plane, I literally had to give myself step-by-step directions on what to do next.  Head up. Walk out the gate. Find the door. Walk across the crosswalk.  Find the car. Stop crying enough to see.  Drive home.  I did it, it wasn’t fun or easy, but I did it.

Since Trent left, the girls and I have spent the majority of our time recuperating.  We have all been sick.  Joanna is over the flu, and is still working on getting all better with her breathing, but that’s something she always has to work with.  I ended up with sinusitis and laryngitis, plus the eye thing, but I’m doing so much better now.  Abigail just started having an earache yesterday.  According to her, she has a snake in her ear and that is exactly what she told the doctor.  Even though he assured her there is not a snake in her ear, apparently he doesn’t know what he is talking about, because she stands firmly behind her thoughts that it is most definitely still in there.  :)

Trent is officially overseas now.  Please know that I cannot actually give you his exact location on this blog, since it is a public blog.  I’ve talked to him twice since he has been overseas.  He isn’t to his final location yet, but will be in a few days.  He is doing well.  I hope to hear from him again tomorrow. 

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers for our family and the soldiers of the 603rd. We are so very thankful for each of you. 

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  1. Oh Leah - it is a hard thing to have a husband who fights for the freedoms of not only our country but also for those in lands that we do not know. The sacrifice is made not only by the person who serves, but also by those who are left behind at home. I can't imagine the heaviness of heart that you feel at times. Know that Trent is wrapped in the love and prayers of so many. We appreciate his sacrifice, and we appreciate the sacrifice on your end also.

    Those girls are blessed to have you as their mother to guide them through this difficult time, even when the route on the road map sometimes changes.

    Love you!