Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

Daily Life = Balancing Act
Shower, get ready, eat breakfast, let dog out, get two little girls ready, let dog in, go to preschool, go to work, teach 23 fifth graders, do lesson plans, grade papers, go to meetings, go to preschool, fix or get supper, let dog out, eat supper, let dog in, feed dog and fish(if I remember), bath time, story time, bedtime, laundry, make lunches, work on grad homework, go to bed, sleep, shower, get ready, eat breakfast…..

So that’s pretty much how it goes on a “normal” day.  That’s not including all the randomness that pops up on a regular basis.  So at the beginning part of this mobilization I was struggling with keeping up with all this.  Now, I’m not sure how it happened, but I seemed to have found my balance.  I don’t feel like pulling my hair out at the end of the day, or wonder if I have any hair left after pulling it out throughout the day.  :-)  Yes, life is still nuts!  I guess I’ve just gotten into the swing of all the craziness.

Acts of Kindness
It absolutely amazes me how some people continue to always be there for me.  My parents are amazing!  They have got to be getting tired of helping me, I mean it has been 29 years, and for some people 1 day of me is too much.  ;-) I honestly don’t know how they do it, but all it takes is one phone call and they can solve the world’s problems.  I will be forever grateful for their love and kindness. 

I also have some very close friends who have dropped what they are doing, because I need to go somewhere without my two little shadows, and they are there in a heartbeat.  And there are those who take their one day off work to stay home with Joanna when she isn’t feeling 100%, so I don’t have to take one of my slim number of sick days left.  Or, they know just when I need that special pick-me-up phone call (Erica, I will never know how you always know when to call, but you do.)

I am so undeserving of all of this kindness and love, but I am so thankful for each of you!

Little Ones
As mentioned earlier, Joanna is on her first of the season breathing issues.  We are moving right on through it though.  The sudden burst of cold weather was not ideal for her airways.  A slow transition is a little easier on her, but the steroids, breathing treatments, and meds are doing their job. 

Abigail, is learning some hard lessons these days.  As her preschool put it so nicely, “she seems to have lost her listening ears.” (This was actually on her daily sheet last week.) Right now her two favorite toys are on top of the refrigerator, because she received two time-outs at school today. According to her teacher her hardest time of the day to listen is at “circle time.”  I asked Abigail why she wasn’t listening and she replied with, “Cause she’s always talkin’ when I want to talks!”  It’s hard not to smile when she says stuff like this.  She will get her toys back for every day she doesn’t get a time out.  If she gets more time-outs at school, then she’ll have to relinquish more of her toys.  So…either she’ll learn her lesson and get her toys back, or I’ll need to get a bigger refrigerator.  On a positive note though, it’s been a long time coming and she has regressed multiple times with all the changes in her little world, but Abigail is 100% potty trained!!!!  High-fives all around!!   

The Husband
Training is coming to an end in the next couple of weeks.  They have a few more field exercises to do, and then that’s about it. He’s doing well, and we are both looking forward to his 4 days home (though it is actually a ½ day, then 2 days, and then another ½ day) but let’s look at the glass half full and round up to 4!  Oh yes, and they changed the rules and he gets to come here now, instead of us going to El Paso!  (That helped out the pocket book a ton!!)

I love how close we get when we are apart from each other.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss him so much that my heart literally aches, but we learn things about each other that I don’t think we would have ever known without going through these times apart.  You just appreciate each other so much more, and all the things that you love about each other is just magnified.

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