Monday, October 29, 2012

Make Me New

So, yes, I lied.  I didn’t post the next day, like I said I would last week.  I’m really glad my pants didn’t catch on fire for lying.  :)  

Trent is still training away.  Not too much time left down there either.  We get to see him in a month for four days, and that is really just right around the corner.  It will be a difficult four days, anticipating him leaving again, but it's four days together, and we'll take it.  Then, it's a completely different ball game after that.  But, we'll just take it a day at a time. 

So the title, what does it mean??  It wasn’t my best week or weekend, nor Trent’s.  It seemed like we were both a little down this weekend, we both had worrisome hearts, and topped with crazy schedules to boot, it wasn’t a great combo.  Then Sunday rolled around, and the girls and I went to church.  There’s just something about church lately!!  I cannot go without some sort of emotion rolling through me like a freight train.  This week, that emotion was grace.

Our wonderful worship team sang beautiful songs that just soothed my soul.  I wasn’t really singing, just taking it in.  Then, this song started being sung. (Love this song!)

It hit me hard what exactly God was up to.  This is what God does when things seem out of control... He breaks it down, breaks down all the walls, so He can put us back together, piece-by-piece, whole again with all of Him.  He makes us new!  I love His grace as He makes me new.  How grateful I am to be the daughter of the Highest King who would love me enough to help me through this process; to take this time of weary hearts and change it into something beautiful.  I only know of one who can do that, do you know Him?

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