Saturday, October 6, 2012

Catching Up (Take 2)

Last week left me really behind in all accounts, therefore, making this week catch up time.  Laundry, dishes, graduate homework, grading, bills, lesson plans, soap opera, etc. are all caught up now.  I’m not sure how I made it through the week without watching Days of our Lives, but I’m all up to speed now.  :) 

The girls and I spent some time having fun this week.  After the hard week last week, and the first two days of this week weren’t the best either, we headed out for a night at the Pumpkin Patch.  It was a ton of fun and a beautiful night!  We were all filthy after a couple of hours out there, but the girls smiled the whole time.  A little dirt never hurt anyone, just ask Abby, because that dirt just seemed to be glued to her.  Here are some pictures of our evening out.

Trent is doing well.  We have been skyping daily with him, which is sucking up his data on his mobile internet device.  That’s going to be an expensive bill these next two months, but it is completely worth it.  Seeing his face and talking to him makes the girls’ days and nights so much better and mine too. 

This week, Trent has been in classes and they go and qualify with their weapons tomorrow.  He sent me some pics of him helping out his squad with ‘dime drills.’  Apparently, this is when you balance a dime on the barrel and practice pulling the trigger to see if you are pulling to the left or right.  You want to pull it straight back and be smooth to avoid moving your sight picture when you are shooting.  If you can do it without the dime falling off then you are doing good.  Interesting…

They also received their new uniforms this week, which he sent me pictures of (the boots don’t look so comfortable to me.) 

Another week down is one week closer to having him home again.  We’re that much closer.

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