Monday, September 24, 2012

Roller Coasters, Balls, and Little Rays of Hope

For someone who has always had a touch of motion sickness, this past week’s roller coaster ride was not one I was a fan of.   I felt like my emotions were literally thrown in every which direction.  Some moments I felt as though I was crumbling apart piece by piece, and then minutes later I would feel so happy and blessed to be having the experiences that we were having.

Saturday the girls and I went to Trent’s farewell ceremony for his unit.  It was a very nice ceremony and the girls were so very good through it. 

Later that evening, Trent took me to my very first MP Ball.  It was quite the event that I was very excited to attend.  It’s not very often that we get all gussied up and head out on the town.  

The ball was very nice, housed at the Sheraton Hotel at Crown Center, starting with social hour where I met a ton of important people, and then followed by a beautiful banquet.  My favorite parts of the evening were the traditional toasts that are made with the response done by the attendants of the banquet.  I also really enjoyed the Grog Ceremony.  There is a huge pot in the center of the room and the vice chairman of the ball comes and pours in different liquor to represent different places that the MPs have gone through history.  It is quite the concoction by the end of it, but also very educational as they explain each place the MPs have been.  After everything is added, they choose a soldier to test the grog and to say if it is fit for consumption or not.  (This part is actually quite funny!)  Then later on, we all tasted it as the lowest ranking soldier at our tables had to fill our glasses and make sure that we all consumed a drink of the grog. 

After a night at the ball, the girls and I headed to church and Trent had to go to formation.  We wished we could have spent the Sunday together at church, but we had to be flexible.  We did take a picture together before we went our separate ways though. 

Church was very emotional for me.  You ever had one of those Sundays where all the songs make you cry, and it feels like the sermon is literally directed straight at you.  Yep…that was this Sunday!  Pastor Rusty must have a microscope focused in right on what’s on my heart.  It is so easy when things are going your way to give praise to our Lord, but when the going gets tough, that praise is just a little harder to get out sometimes.  I must not turn to anything else, but go straight to my Jesus.  I needed the reminder that I can’t stop giving thanks and praise for all that we have.  My God is with me through these valleys and hills.  He never let’s me go and holds on as tight as He can to me.  So though I was disappointed that Trent couldn’t go to church with us, I got exactly what I needed for the week…renewed hope.

More hope came this evening as we had a very special present to give to our littlest girls.  I am very blessed at school this year to have a parent of one of my students who truly radiates the love of Jesus.  My student went home at the beginning of the school year and told his mom about Trent’s upcoming deployment.  She then took action and felt like she needed to do something to help our family.  She had my husband record a message to both Joanna and Abigail, and made little build-a-bears for them with his voice message embedded into them.  It is just a little piece of daddy while he is gone.  It was such an amazing gift to give my family.  We gave them to the girls tonight, as Trent leaves tonight.  The girls loved them and it was such a moving moment.   

You should have seen their smiles when they pressed the bear’s paw and heard Trent’s message to them.  (I didn’t get a picture of that.)  I will never be able to thank this parent enough for bringing this little bit of comfort to my daughters during this time. 

As I said, emotions have been very high and very low over the past few days.  We will carry on though, give our praises and thanks to our Lord, and trust in Him. 

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