Monday, August 20, 2012

Ring A-Ling

Why yes, I did receive my phone call.  :)  Friday evening/Saturday morning at 2:30, I finally got to speak to my husband.  Since then, I've been able to talk to him multiple times.  I've even called, even when I have nothing new to tell him, just because I could call him. 

Trent is doing really well.  He's ready to come home for a few weeks.  Though he is only on "loan" and has to go back way to soon, I'll still take any time I can get. 

He said that they did well out in "The Box."  He mentioned that it was hot, dusty, dirty, and absolutely exhausting.  Last Monday, it was 117 degrees out there, and the other days were pushing it.  However, other than that, he hasn't elaborated on his time in "The Box."  I asked a few times and all he says is, "I don't have too much nice to say right now, so I'm not going to say anything." That's soooo my husband.  He doesn't like to dwell on stuff, he just prefers to move on and think of better things, like coming home in a few days.  And we can't wait to have him home, either!

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  1. The thing I most admire about Rhea is his ability to focus on the positive and see that the Lord has better things ahead.