Thursday, August 2, 2012

Operation Say Cheese

Tomorrow marks the day of “The Box.”  AKA:  No communication with Trent for 2 weeks.  First of all, this is the longest we will go without talking to one another since we’ve known each other.  Even during the last deployment to Iraq, I don’t believe we went more than 3 or 4 days without a phone call of some sort.  I just don’t know how Trent is going to make it without hearing my lovely voice every day.  :)  Yeah Right! 

During the two weeks that Trent is in “The Box,” a lot is going to take place.  School starts for this summer lovin’ teacher.  I have to mosey on into my classroom and put everything back in order and prepare for the year with my new kiddos.  I wanted to do something special this year in my classroom.  We are going to follow Trent’s unit in class, write pen pal letters, and send care packages.  I’m going to have a bulletin board just for them.  Trent is going to send me 5th grade appropriate pictures to show what it is like wherever they are at.  I’m super excited about this project!!  To get it started, I needed some pictures of Trent and his squad.  So I launched the mission – Operation Say Cheese.  The past two days, Trent’s squad has taken some pictures for me to print out and put on my bulletin board.  It’s actually a difficult task because they are super busy with their training, but leave it to real soldiers to accomplish any mission.  Hooah!  Here are a few pictures that were sent to me.  Thanks to all who made Operation Say Cheese possible.

My handsome husband!

Trent and his Team Leaders

 Trent and his Squad

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