Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No New News

We are up to day 6 of “The Box” and doing really well.  I don’t have anything too exciting to post.  Everything has been going pretty smoothly, classroom is set up, girls are well, back to work tomorrow, and almost a week to go before a phone call. 

Though I don't have anything new to share, I do have a fun neighbor story to at least give my readers something interesting to read.  Trent and I moved into a new neighborhood at the beginning of summer.  It’s a really nice area with very friendly people.  I have one neighbor who is especially friendly for she has introduced herself to me three times.  No, not just to be nice, but because I honestly don’t think she “remembers” meeting me.  She’s an interesting character, a little older than I am.  Every time I’ve met her she has a drink in her hand, and I’m not talking lemonade folks.  She’s very forthcoming with information.  She has explained who lives in which house, what they do, which ones are nice, which ones aren’t, etc.  She also probably tells more about herself than she probably should.  For example, during two of the three meetings she has informed me which houses have the police officers, in particular, the one who works in narcotics.  She says he is very nice (that’s great), and that he’s helped her out of a few sticky situations. (I’m sorry, what?)   Alrighty then.  Wow!  :)  No judgment, just Wow!

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