Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Trent did make it home on Thursday evening.  We had two very excited little girls in the house who had to show him everything in the house as if he had never been here before.  The first thing they had to show him was our new algae eater, China. Then their new backpacks from school, papers and coloring papers from school, new books from Barnes and Noble, and our new lamps.  They pretty much talked nonstop for about an hour.  

Trent has the most outrageous tan line around his head from wearing his patrol cap.  I wouldn't even categorize it as a farmer's tan, it's just so odd.  :)  He also looks like he is wearing gloves because his hands are so tan, but not his arms from his ACUs.  Interesting, interesting tan lines.  What's even funnier, is Trent's shortlist of food he wants to eat.  He came home and has a list of food in his head that he has been craving while he's been gone.  So far he has marked off his list a guacamole bacon burger from Red Robin, donuts from Lamar's, and Gringo Dip from 54th Street.  He has also requested cheesecake and Olive Garden in the near future. 

Though we are so glad to have him home, Trent's family could use prayers right now.  Trent lost a family member in a tragic accident Friday evening.  Please pray for comfort over his family in the coming days and for our safe travels as we go to be with his family. 

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  1. Yay for him being home for a visit!!! Our prayers are with him & his family. All our love to yours!