Saturday, August 11, 2012

All Things Fair

I have never missed a State Fair in my entire life, and since Trent and I have been married he has never missed one either.  Even though he couldn’t go this year, the girls and I still lived it up at the fair today.  We ate corn dogs, went to the children’s barnyard, the conservation area, enjoyed ice cream and much, much more.  The only part I didn’t enjoy was the ferris wheel.  The girls really wanted to ride, and their cousins, aunt, and uncle were going on it.  I was worried one of the girls would freak out when they were up high, so I decided to suffer through it so the girls could experience it.  Needless to say, all the kids loved the ferris wheel, and they were holding my sister and my hands trying to calm us down.  :) 

Here are a few photos of our fun today.  It was a great day!  The only thing that would have made it better was if Trent was there.  He’ll enjoy the pictures though whenever he gets out of “The Box.”

Yummy corn-dogs!

New cowgirl and cowboy hats!

Talking with Auto and the Highway Patrolman.

Abby stole the microphone from the highway patrolman!  :)

Sitting in a fire truck.
Let's Go!!

Sisterly Love

Checking out the fish at the conservation area.

Ice cream!!

Gotta love these two cowgirls!

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