Thursday, July 26, 2012

That's Desert, Not Dessert!

Today was Trent’s last day before he leaves for training at Ft. Irwin, California, for the next month.  That would be right in between the Mojave Desert and Death Valley. 

Looks pleasant, huh?  Of course, I bring up the point that it doesn’t really sound or look like a place full of butterflies, rainbows, and roses.  And to this, my ever so wise husband replies by explaining that it is an excellent desert training area with lots of open space, which is very beneficial to their practice missions.  But here’s the real selling point, the area has actually been cooler in the past two weeks than the temps we’ve been having here. (Not by much, but that is ridiculous when it’s hotter here than it is in the desert.) 

So whenever one goes to the desert, there is a long list of things that one might need to take.  In other words, Trent had quite a long list of “stuff” to buy.  So in order for us to have a day together today, we decided that yesterday we would split the list in half, and divide and conquer!!  I took the list of regular things he needed and made my way to Target to start marking things off my list.  He also took his list full of “Army” things and spent his time, after work yesterday, shopping at AAFES.  When we both returned home yesterday evening, we combined our treasures and started double checking “The List.”  Surely with two of us shopping we had everything covered, right?  WRONG!  He then started making a list of things we (HE) forgot.  So needless to say, we spent all of our day together today running around trying to get everything accomplished.  And after day two, we finally have everything completed. 

So now we are home waiting for the time for me to take him to his unit late this evening.  Right now the girls and him are spending some quality time together watching Kronk’s New Groove and relaxing in our bedroom.   Even after a crazy day, all you need is a good movie and a couple good cuddle partners to help melt the day away.  :)

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