Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 1 at a Glance

Trent made it to Ft. Irwin, California, and called twice yesterday and texted a few times to touch base with us.   He let me know his schedule as of now and broke the communication news to me as well.  This particular training has a section of time where the soldiers go out to the field or as it is called there “The Box.”  During that time, there is no communication with the outside world.  They literally get their phones taken away.  We knew this in advance, but we weren’t sure for how long.  We were guessing a week to ten days.  We were close.  The actual amount of time in “The Box” is 2 weeks.  Fourteen days.  We don’t get a choice in the matter, so there is no need to complain about it.  No biggie, we got this. 

Trent and I talked to both little girls Wednesday evening, and then again on Thursday to try to explain that daddy was going away to be a soldier for a while.  Both had different reactions, which was to be expected for they are nothing alike.  Abby stuck her bottom lip out, pouted, and went right back to playing her MobiGo.  (A prime example of the attention span of a three year old.)  :)   Joanna’s conversation lasted a little bit longer.  Trent asked her to be mommy’s helper and to be really good while he was gone.  She responded, “but you said it would be a long time?”  He then said, “Yes, for a little while.”  In which she had a few contingencies to the deal.  I am not exaggerating this at all, I promise.  Here is as close to word for word I can get of the negotiation process.

            Joanna:  “A little while is a long time.”
            Trent:  “It can be.”
            Joanna:  “It’s easier to be good for a long time if I get a present.”
            Trent:  “Is it now?”
            Joanna:  “I think yes.”
            Trent:  “Well, we can maybe work with that.  What kind of present?”
            Joanna:  “I want a boy Barbie doll with spiky hair.”
            Trent:  “No promises, but we’ll try to find a boy Barbie with spiky hair.”

She seemed to be satisfied with the conversation. 

Day one of Daddy being gone went pretty well.  I was fairly certain that it wouldn’t completely register with the girls until last night.  Having this in mind, I wanted to make sure we did something fun to give them a happy memory for the day.  

I took them for their second mani/pedi of their lives, treated them to lunch at their favorite place McDonald’s, and we watched The Muppet Movie last night while having chocolate milkshakes.  After the movie, Abigail went right to bed.  However, it hit Joanna pretty hard right at bedtime last night that daddy was actually gone like we talked about.  She pretty much hyperventilated for about 10 minutes.  This has happened a few times for her over the past year, so thankfully this wasn’t my first time dealing with it.  She doesn’t get upset that easily, but when she does she can get really worked up quite quickly to where she is actually gasping for air.  She got through it, leaving her exhausted and fell asleep.  It could have been worse, but I’m not fooled to think we’re done.  Even with the tiny meltdown at the end, we still had a fantastic day together.  Therefore, I’m chalking the day up as a win. 

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  1. Love, love, love that you take the girls for mani/pedis! Good thing both you and Jo are tough cookies :-) It's never easy with Daddy gone.